What needs to be taken into consideration in terms of treatment costs?

We will prepare a cost estimate for you for an outpatient consultation or for the planned inpatient treatment at Inselspital. The individualised estimate comprises all anticipated costs, including consultations, medical treatments, diagnostic procedures, technical services, as well as for medical and care services.

You may choose between a single room or a room with two or more beds for your treatment. The costs of your stay will vary accordingly, also for medical and care services.

In order to calculate the costs, a distinction must be made between an outpatient and inpatient treatment. The respective type of treatment determines the actual costs, which are regulated by the Swiss Health Insurance Act (KVG/LAMal). Inselspital calculates the cost of the actual treatment delivered in accordance with the statutory requirements and the guidelines of Insel Gruppe AG.

Financing for the treatment must be guaranteed in advance. A corresponding guarantee of payment from your recognised insurance company is sufficient or, if you are meeting the costs yourself, you pay it in advance.

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